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children of the sun

ילדי השמש | أبناء الشمس

The Haifa.It ‘Children of the Sun’ is the result of a three months encounter with Gorky energetic and extreme text. Instead of trying to find reliable ways of speaking this old text we set ourselves free from the original words and dived inside the different images, movements, ideologies, and relationships imbedded in Gorky proposition. Using the principles of the Active analysis, Etudes and writing pages and pages of inner monologues – we tried to improvise ourselves inside the material seeking the intersection between the biography and the fiction. and by using real live video from the street just outside of the theatre as our background we try to find a twilight zone between Here and now / There and then & / There and now – this fragile balance between reality and theatre. Each show is by default different – not just in a general energetic kind of way but inherently different. The show composition and text are improvised – and the performers have the freedom to act in relation to the outside world. It is Gorky play. The structure is the same every show, but the way is ever-changing.


more costume and set design

The Rabbits


Block 30

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